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Through my art, I attempt to create a tangible representation of the disconnect that can exist between what one shows of themselves to the world and what one feels inside, especially in a society where appearances can seem to matter more than substance. In particular, I am  interested in how the woman of color manages  to preserve a positive sense of self in any environment that often pressures her to conform to its norms of beauty and femininity, while minimizing uniqueness, talent and  intelligence. And from where does that self- preservation ultimately emanate from?

Using black and white paint, I am presenting the dichotomy in the woman’s experience and created a metaphor for the near-thorough
invalidation of a colored woman’s dilemma. Black is the person; white is the pressure society can place on a woman. Sometimes, the external is transformed, like a chameleon, to fit in, to survive. I can almost paint myself out of
the picture and into oblivion, discarding myself bit by bit.

But I might also paint myself into a corner, fromwhich my true self will eventually fight to getout of. The paint on my skin will flake, eventually revealing the truth until, and if, I cover myself again. This struggle, or battle between self annihilation and acceptance, mustultimately be decided and put to rest. Hence,
the white flowers in center of the room covered in blood. Empowered by the strength gifted to me by my ancestors, contributors to my DNA, my pure and true self, bloodied in the battle forself preservation, is finally at peace and at rest
within me.